Benedict MonasterySt. Benedict Monastery

2711 E. Drahner Rd.
Oxford, Michigan 48370

    Following the example of St. Benedict and St. Sylvester, our monastery is isolated in the country.  Silence and solitude create a wonderful environment for those who seek to deepen their relationship with the Lord in a special, radical way.  The monastery is a “school of the Lord's Service” where the monks learn how to love and serve God through reading, meditation, prayer and work (adapted from The Benedictine Way of Life, p. 13).  
       “The Benedictine monastic life disposes the monk to seek God in the monastic community, that he may bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who is the way to the Father and is present in the Pascal mystery, in the sacraments and in the fellowship of the brethren.

     Since the monastic profession evolves in the Church and is received by the Church, the following of Christ means also service to His Church, both through prayer and through the diverse forms of apostolate.  Each monastery in its own way, in a way suitable with monastic life, takes an earnest part in the activity and mission of the local church to which it belongs, and tries to meet its needs according to its capabilities” (Adapted from the Constitutions, Chapter 1, Art. II, nos. 8&9).

St. Benedict Monastery
2711 E. Drahner Rd.
Oxford, MI 48370

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