Stages of Formation
1.  Candidacy - the initial stage in which a man inquires about the community (through phone calls and/or letters) and begins his preparation for entry into the monastery.  Eventually, visits will be arranged in which the candidate can live with the community and experience life in the monastery.  During this time he is to prepare his documentation (sacramental certificates, medical, academic as well as references) and have a plan in place to satisfy any financial debts.
2.  Postulancy - after all the documentation has been collected and the candidate desires to enter the monastic life, he can begin to live with the community.  During this time period of six months he will become more familiar with the daily schedule and the demands of monastic life.
3.  Novitiate - under the guidance of a novice master, to help the candidate recognize the gift of his vocation, a one year period of preparation is begun for the profession of monastic vows.  The novitiate year will include further formation on the Christian life, prayer, the vows, the Holy Rule, and the life and history of the congregation.
4.  Temporary Profession - after the novitiate the novice makes the profession of monastic vows.  Each year for three to six years, the vows can be renewed in preparation for the Solemn profession.  During the years in temporary profession, guided by a director, the junior monk continues his formation in the monastic life.  During this time he may also begin or continue studies in preparation for the priesthood or other fields of education.
5.  Solemn Profession - after three or more years of temporary profession, the junior monk presents a written petition to be accepted for the solemn profession of vows.  If he is approved by the community, he can profess vows which will bind him to the commitment of monastic life.  The solemnly professed monk continues to use the “tools of the spiritual craft” perfection in monastic life and Christian virtue.  If the monk has completed his education at a seminary, he would be eligible for ordination to the priesthood after his solemn profession of vows.