How do I know if God is wants me to be a monk?

This question can only be answered through another question: have you seriously sought the answer to that question?  The same principles that apply to other aspects of life can be applied to the initial discernment of monastic life.  Imagine a person is looking for a pair of shoes to wear on a daily basis.  It would be foolish for him to buy them without trying them on to find out if they are a good fit.  The same principle can be used for exploring religious life.  A desire or even a simple curiosity about monasticism (like visiting this web page) might be the initial "spark".  From that point a person can begin the steps to find out if monastic life is right for him.

Firstly, one can contact the Vocations Director and discuss questions and concerns about life as a monk.  The Vocation Director is not a recruiter; he understands that the goal is to seek and find the will of God in your life, not the will of the monastery - this is his goal.  The initial contact is to find out if you have the qualifications for serious discernment of the monastic life.  Returning to the shoes motif, this is like finding out what the cost of the footwear will be and how to pay for them.

The next step is the first major step in answering the question "Lord, what do you want me to do?"  If it is discovered that you might have a vocation to monastic life in our community, the Vocation Director will invite you to make a visit to the monastery.  This might be through in-person interviews, monastic "come and see" opportunities or monastic retreat experiences.  During these visits, one "tries on" the monastic life.  If a person takes these experiences seriously, growth in his relationship with God will always be the result, even if his discernment does not lead him to monastic life.  If the experiences reveal that you find peace, beauty and a sense of belonging in the monastery - then inklings of a positive answer to the question, "Does God want me to become a monk?" become more of a reality for you.