vocation information 

Discerning the Lord's call in our lives is the most important task of our existence.  The monastic vocation is one among many of the various vocations God places in the hearts of those created in His image.  It is our duty to do all we can to follow the Lord's will in our lives.  And we find the greatest fulfillment when we are doing this.  The following questions and answers can be helpful guides in the search to answer the ultimate question, "Lord what do you want me to do?  What do you want me to be?"

1.  How do I know if God is wants me to be a monk?

2.  What if I feel attracted to life in a monastery (it looks very peaceful), but don't like the demands monastic life?

3.  I like monastic life.  I feel attracted to it, but I am not a holy person.  Is this a sign that it isn't for me?

4.  Should I put this off and experience life more before I make a commitment to begin the stages of initial discernment?

5.  I have college debts and I feel that the Lord is calling me to monastic life.  What should I do?

6.  I have a close relationship with my family and friends.  What if I'm afraid to separate from them? 

vocation information