2.  What if I feel attracted to life in a monastery (it looks very peaceful), but don't like the demands monastic life?

It ultimately depends on if you want to do God's will in your life or simply pursue what you want to do.  The truth is that we all have free will, but it is only through following the will of your Creator that you will find true happiness in your life.  This is why the experience of monastic life is so important.  Often, fears or misgivings about certain aspects of religious life are alleviated in the experience that is offered through "come and see" opportunities or monastic retreats.  This does not mean that life following the will of God is always easy regardless of the vocation, but the labor itself is often a means through which a person's love for God and the resolve to follow His will is tested, purified and strengthened.  If a person does not try something when the opportunity arises, he will never know if it really is for him or not.  If we feel attracted to the possibility of monastic life, we need not approach it with fear, but with confidence in the Lord's providence because He will provide the grace necessary to deal with the difficulties or weaknesses we have.  When it comes to seeking the will of God and all that it entails, it is important not to neglect God’s calling.