3.  I like monastic life.  I feel attracted to it, but I am not a holy person.  Is this a sign that it isn't for me?

If you have a healthy understanding of what holiness is, the answer is no!  In reality no one is truly holy without reliance on the grace of God and this is the key to living a God-centered, happy and peaceful life.  No matter what vocation God gives a person, it is a means of strengthening the relationship with Him.  In monastic life, the members of the community live together with the understanding that as brothers they support, encourage and guide one another in seeking to hear and respond to the voice of God.  On a basic level holiness can be described as a loving reliance on God in order to have the strength and courage to do His will.  If a person comes to believe that it is God's will for him to discern monastic life, he is obliged to do so regardless of his own "evaluation" of his spiritual state.  However, this does not mean that someone whose life is devoid of any expression of faith in God should suddenly come to the monastery with his suitcase in hand.  No one comes to the monastery that way.  It can mean that such a person should pursue the tools of prayer, sacrament, the Word of God and good works as well as the guidance of his pastor or a spiritual director to heighten his awareness of God's voice in his life.  All of us must keep in mind that God's grace at work in us can surpass the limits of what we think we are capable of.  So we must not allow our own self-doubts to interfere with God's plan for us.