5.  I have college debts and I feel that the Lord is calling me to monastic life.  What should I do?

As with anyone interested in religious life, it is important to first pray about it.  Then speak to someone such as a pastor, spiritual director or even a vocation director about the inner desire or attraction you feel for a life dedicated to God through the vows.  There are a number of ways to alleviate or work through the debts.  First of all consider your own means.  Selling one's assets such as an automobile or other property is a possibility.  Think of the parable of the Prodigal Son, but in a positive way.  If this is truly God's call for you, and your parents plan on leaving something for you as an inheritance, asking it from them early so that you can dedicate yourself to what you believe God is calling you to is anything but a selfish thing to do.  If your parents are open to this, it could also be a testimony to the degree of seriousness you give to your discernment. 

Another possibility is asking your parish for help.  Sometimes pastors and parishioners understand the needs of the Church and are very generous in offering aid, especially when it comes to supporting future clergy or religious from their own community.  There are also a few organizations such as Ecclesia Mater and the Laboure Society that offer support, aid and creative ideas for people entering seminaries or religious communities that have outstanding debts.  Other associations like the Knights of Columbus might be able to offer some help in this as well.

No matter what, if you feel God is calling you to religious life, the worst thing to do us put it off.  There have been a number of people who have delayed taking the important steps in beginning the discernment process because they did not explore the possibilities available for paying off debts.  If this is God's call for you, it is vital that you don't allow pride to keep you from asking for help in doing God's will.  The support is available because Christ's Church is made up of members who are called to support one another.