Monastery News Page
May 26, 2015

Another Retreat Season Completed!

     Subiaco Retreat House (our facility that ministers to youth of the Archdiocese of Detroit) will undergo its usual annual transition.  From the fall to the early summer, the retreat house is constantly occupied by thousands of young people preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation, to youth groups seeking spiritual renewal.  In place of these during the summer months, there will be a number of apostolate focused youth programs from different parishes and youth groups aimed at giving teenagers an experience of ministering to those who are less fortunate.  In the evening to the early morning the teenagers will be “headquartered” at Subiaco where they will pray, rest, recreate and have their meals.  In the morning they will head out to various sites throughout the area to attend to their ministries until the evening. 

     Subiaco has a history of being a place in which young people grow in their relationship with the Lord and deepen their understanding of their faith in Him.  For more information about the retreat house please visit its website:

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