Monastery News Page
May 26, 2020

A Liturgical “Welcome Back!”

    This past Sunday, we finally opened the doors of our chapel for a public Mass.  Over 40 people attended - a good number considering we had to keep the congregation to a minimum of 25% of the chapel’s capacity (in compliance with health directives).  Although the singing was limited, masks worn (by the congregants) and social distancing practiced, there was a positive spirit that characterized the Liturgy.  Parishes and chapels that are “opening up” at this time are part of a gradual transition for Catholic Churches in Southeastern Michigan.  On September 29th, all the parishes in the Archdiocese will be open to the public for Liturgy and other limited pastoral services.  For details, recommendations and guidelines for attending the Mass at your local parish church, please visit the Archdiocese of Detroit Website.

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