Monastery News Page
July 29, 2014

Monastic Fellowship
  On the evening of July 14th, our community welcomed very special guests.  They live only about a quarter mile away from our monastery, they are not Catholic, but they have something in common with us.  They follow the Rule of St. Benedict.  Our guests were the monks from St. Augustine Monastery a Lutheran Benedictine community that has been in Oxford for over 50 years.  Although the Feast of St. Benedict was celebrated by our community just three days earlier, in the spirit of our common Rule, we made it a special occasion to invite them to pray with us and enjoy fellowship with one another.  The evening began with Vespers in our large chapel followed by a delicious dinner prepared by Br. Antony Maldonado.  The original plan was to eat outdoors, but there was a storm forecasted for the day, so the dinner and fellowship took place inside the monastery.  Nonetheless, the occasion was a blessed event of fellowship with our Christian brothers who share a common monastic vision with us.

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