Monastery News Page
June 08, 2021

A Return Home!

     On May 31st, our Sub-Prior, Father Gregory-David Jones, was rushed to Ascension Hospital in Rochester suffering from severe abdominal pains.  He was diagnosed with appendicitis, along with complications which made it necessary to perform an immediate surgery.  The procedure was successful, but because of the complications, the surgery itself and recovery process were longer than usual.

     Soon after the surgery, many of Father’s family, friends and others associated with our community poured in their support through heart-felt prayers and well-wishes.  Fr. Gregory-David says that he truly felt the graces that encouraged and strengthened him in what was at times a very painful and trying “journey”.

    Finally, on the morning of June 7th, Fr.  Gregory-David returned home to St. Benedict Monastery.  With a renewed appreciation for all the blessings God has given him, Father is enthusiastic about his recovery.  As he expressed it, “It is hard to put into words what this experience has been and will mean to me.  But I thank everyone who prayed for me and supported me during this time.  The Lord truly has been good to me!”

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