Monastery News Page
November 14, 2017

The Season is Coming!

      With the Christmas shopping season getting underway next week, we invite you to browse our online gift shop!  There you will find a variety of thoughtful and faith filled gifts for all ages: prayer journals for teens, Bibles, and a variety of sacramentals including St. Benedict medals.  If you find that “perfect gift” for a loved one, just simply following in easy instructions and your order will be sent to your home (or the person you order it for with a, “A Christmas Gift from ….” notification) in a timely fashion.  We promise delivery by Christmas on orders received by December 12th.  In a way, purchasing presents from our gift shop is a blessing for the loved ones who receive them as well as to our monastic community because the proceeds directly support our monastic community and the works of the monks. 

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