Monastery News Page
July 20, 2020

A Very Solemn Feast Day

    Saturday, July 11th was the solemn feast of our Holy Father St. Benedict.  This yearís celebration was very special in that it was the first time that both our monks and oblates were able to come together in prayer since the pandemic began in March.  Accompanied by the proper health precautions, the Holy Eucharist was presided over by our Prior, Fr. Damien.  Altogether, over 20 of our oblates Ė counting those who attended the Mass and those who sent in their commitment from home - renewed their promise to strive to put into practice the teachings of St. Benedict, according to their state in life.  It was a very festive occasion for which we were all grateful as we continue to put our trust in Godís providence and stay spiritually connected in every way possible!

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