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June 21, 2016

  Learning From and About John's Gospel

     From Sunday, June 12th through Friday the 18th, Br. Mark Orcutt attended a conference titled, The Resurrection of Jesus According to the Gospel of John, at St. Maryís College in Notre Dame, Indiana.  The lecturer for the seminar (which is this yearís part of an annual series of summer conferences) was Sr. Sandra Schneider, IHM.  The seminar was of course focused on the unique aspects of St. Johnís Gospel Ė with a special focus on his account of the Resurrection.  The event was sponsored by St. Maryís Center for Spirituality.  Br. Mark found the conference enlightening, but especially was fascinated on how Johnís Gospel relies and relates much of its content to the Old Testament (even though it was written for a broad Christian community).

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