Monastery News Page
August 26, 2014

A Calling and a Promise

     This past Monday, August 25th, our Brother Mark Orcutt renewed his profession of religious vows during our community Mass.  Beginning his third year, he once again promised “stability, conversion of manners, obedience, chastity and poverty... according to the Rule of our Holy Father Benedict and the Constitutions of the Sylvestrine Congregation.”  Monastic formation is a gradual process which provides the monk a one year novitiate followed by a period of three to six years of religious profession before receiving one’s final monastic consecration.

     In addition to his ongoing formation, Br. Mark has been a great asset to our community serving as porter, sacristan, assistant oblate director and one of three regular cooks.  He is especially active in ministering to our incarcerated oblates and to those in recovery from addictions.  Please pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen our brother in all that he is and does.  Pray also for our community’s continued growth in numbers and in holiness!

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