Monastery News Page
November 13, 2018

The Conventual Priory Chapter
      This Thursday, November 15th our community will convene the Conventual Priory Chapter.  This is a special series of meetings held every year for the members of our priory during which reports about the monasteries, the well-being of the monks, the properties, efforts, etc. will be presented and future plans discussed.  Based on the presentations and deliberations proposals can be made and decided upon.  The participants in the Chapter are the solemnly professed monks (with the exception of those excused by the Prior for various reasons).  “The Conventual Priory Chapter is of the greatest importance in the life of the Conventual Priory as a sign of unity and a means of sharing responsibility among all the brethren” (Constitutions, Chapter 3, Part III, no. 111).  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire and guide the monks during the proceedings of the Chapter as we carry on the monastic vision handed on to us from our Holy Fathers, Saints Benedict and Sylvester!

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