Monastery News Page
September 15, 2020

The Priory Chapter

    On September 9th, our community convened the Conventual Priory Chapter.  The very important meetings of the Chapter occur annually with an elective one for the Priorís Council every three years and for the Prior every six.  The participants in the Chapter are the solemnly professed monks (except those excused) from our monastery and Holy Face Monastery in Clifton New Jersey.  This year along with the review of financial reports and discussions about the present and future plans for our monasteries in the U.S. was the election of two Councilors and the appointment of two additional ones by the Prior.  Although this yearís gathering took only one day (it can and has taken several in the past), the ideas and perspectives shared during this time contribute to a clearer sense of direction and cooperation among the monks of our Priory.  Please pray for the Holy Spiritís blessing on the Prior and his Council, that their leadership will carry on the monastic vision handed on to us from our Holy Fathers, Saints Benedict and Sylvester!

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