Monastery News Page
July 26, 2016

  Celebrating Our Holy Father

     Each year our community celebrates the feast day of our St. Benedict, our “Holy Father” whose teaching and example has for centuries inspired countless men and women to “seek God” in prayer, work, service and community.

     Since his July 11th feast often falls during the work week, we include a special Saturday Mass and picnic that brings together our whole Benedictine family of monks and oblates.  This year the celebration landed on July 16th and began at 11:00 a.m. with a Eucharist presided over by our Abbot General Michael Kelly, visiting from Rome as part of our community’s Chapter meetings.  Abbot Michael stressed the great contribution that monks and oblates can make to the world today by keeping alive the gospel spirit that has always animated St. Benedict and his followers.  The oblates who gathered for Mass were also able to renew the commitment they made to pursue holiness by living the teaching of St. Benedict in the world according to their state of life.

     Our time together was capped off by a picnic at our Subiaco Retreat House complete with grilled hamburgers and brats, and a potluck.  This time of prayer and fellowship was an affirmation of the bond we share as Benedictines as well as a thanksgiving for the blessings the Lord has showered on all of our lives.  May St. Benedict continue to guide and inspire us as we follow together the way of Christ’s peace!

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