Monastery News Page
November 24, 2015

  Winter is Here!
     This past weekend on Saturday, all of south-eastern Michigan experienced our first major snow storm of the season.  In Oxford, about 6 inches of the “white stuff” fell from the early afternoon into the night.  The monks scrambled to find the shovels and the truck was put to heavy use to clear the driveways and walkways.  Although the temperatures were not extremely cold, the chill was a reminder of the imminent freezing and below-freezing conditions that are part of life here during this time of the year.  The sudden snowfall is also a reminder to us of the season of Advent that starts next week and our Christian responsibility to celebrate the coming of the Lord by not only making the holiday season special in our churches and our homes, but also for those who are less fortunate than ourselves, especially the homeless.   May we encourage one another to acts of generosity and charity toward others who are in need.  May they remind us of the humility of Christ who chose to come among us in poverty and want.

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