Monastery News Page
August 10, 2021

A Unique Experience of Prayer

     Our Fr. John Martin Shimkus recently co-facilitated a retreat for “cyclists and other active people '' at the Augustine Center near Petoskey, Michigan.  Father teamed up with Joe Olesnavage, his classmate from the Ignatian Spirituality Internship at Manresa and fellow Spiritual Director, for this event which took place from July 29 through August 3.  Entitled “Pedal and Pray”, this fairly original concept included daily Mass, recommendations for meditation and other prayer practices and plenty of time for exploring the many trails, parks, lakes and other nearby places suitable for prayer, reflection, and getting in touch with God through the gift of creation.

     The sharing each evening revealed that the 12 retreatants, from all walks of life, were deeply touched by this opportunity to break away from their usual routines and just “be” with the Lord.  Because of the freedom they were given to plan their own daily rides, walks or times of quiet, the participants were able to seek out their own venues for listening to God who meets each of us in our particular needs.  Fr. John reflected that “it was very encouraging to see the joy, inspiration and even the challenges that were awakened in the men and women who spent time on this retreat, as well as the sense of communion that developed among them.  For me this was a sign of God’s work in their hearts and it was a privilege to be part of that.”

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