Monastery News Page
November 18, 2014

Generating a Backup

      Last year on the evening of December 24th was the first time since the founding of our monastery that we did not celebrate the Christmas Vigil Mass.  It did not happen because we wanted to break a tradition.  It was because we lost power due to a severe winter storm.  Not only were we unable to light the parking lot and chapel to welcome the faithful to celebrate the Mass with us (some of whom came from a great distance). 

     This year we decided to do something about it!  For the last six weeks, we have been in the process of installing a natural gas powered generator.  This unit will automatically turn on in the event that we lose electricity so that there will be no cause to cancel an evening vigil Mass or reschedule youth retreats.  The last few touches are being done on the new generator before it is fully functional.  Whether or not Michigan will be the recipient of a terrible storm, our community has the sense of security that we will be prepared for a power outage… automatically!

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