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September 07, 2023

Blessed by the Journey

     The "Pedal and Pray" retreat took place at the Augustine Center near Petoskey, Michigan from Thursday, August 17th through Tuesday, August 22nd.  Our Fr. John Martin Shimkus - along with fellow spiritual director Joe Olesnavage and Benedictine Oblate Marty Rymarz - facilitated this unique combination of contemplative prayer and cycling.

     Grounded in the Catholic spiritual tradition, participants were invited to bring their faith in God's loving presence into the experience of biking along scenic trails and country roads.  Reflections on God's word, Centering Prayer and stretching, and the Holy Eucharist served as nourishment for this spiritual journey.  Fellowship and group discussion helped the retreatants share the fruits of this sacred time.

     Many of the cyclists commented that this retreat was just what they needed to better appreciate the ways in which God makes Himself known in the ordinary and yet beautiful aspects of the world around us.  And all are looking forward to the next opportunity to "come away" by themselves to share some time with the Lord!

      Next year's "Pedal and Prayer" will take place September 5 -10, 2024 at the Augustine Center.  Please visit their website - - for more information.    

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