Monastery News Page
February 27, 2018

Lent and Reconciliation 

      The season of Lent has often been characterized as a “penitential season” because it is an opportunity to examine our hearts, strengthen our resolve to follow His will in our lives rid and ourselves of those things that hinder our relationship with God.  In addition to the communal Lenten practices of our community, our priests, as in previous years, have been asked to by local parishes to assist their pastors to hear the many, sometimes hundreds of confessions at reconciliation services.  These events which include songs, Scripture readings, reflections and an examination of conscience offer an ideal setting for the confession of sins and reception of absolution.  We encourage all Catholics to take advantage of the various parish opportunities to celebrate this sacrament during the Lenten season as a means of preparing our hearts to celebrate our Lord’s victory over sin and death. 

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