Monastery News Page
April 13, 2021

Holy Week at the Monastery

     Holy Week at the monastery was indeed a special time for all the monks here, especially since many of the pandemic restrictions have been lifted this year.  On Holy Thursday morning through Holy Saturday, we celebrated the Tenebrae service or ďService of DarknessĒ which anticipates and meditates on the Lordís suffering.  Included in this early morning service are the singing of the Lamentations of Jeremiah the Prophet and the lighting and subsequent extinguishing of the Tenebrae candles.  A special observance of silence started after the Mass of the Lordís Supper on Holy Thursday night which gave a fitting atmosphere of prayer and reflection in the monastery on Good Friday.

     Of course, the high-point of the week was the celebration of Lordís resurrection at the Easter Vigil Mass.  The Liturgy was well attended as the faithful gathered with lit candles, voices of praise and faith invigorated through the celebration of the Pascal Mystery.  The other rituals: singing of the Exsultet, the Vigil of Readings and Psalms, along with the blessing of Holy Water and renewal of Baptismal Vows all add to the appropriate solemnity to the occasion.  And the Easter Sunday Mass offered another opportunity to gather with Godís people to greet the morning of the Lordís Resurrection!

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