Monastery News Page
May 16, 2017

 Celebrating Sister Maria

      This past Saturday, members of our community attended the funeral of a dear friend of many years and the eldest member (age 94) of the Dominican Sisters of Mount Thabor in Ortonville.  The Liturgy was a special occasion and opportunity to thank the Lord for the gift that Sr. Maria Maez of the Blessed Sacrament, O.P. has been for her community as well as her family and friends (including us).  Sister was known for her positive attitude which sprung from her devotion to the Lord and His Blessed Mother.  This was likely key in enabling her to persevere in her vocation for over 72 years!  The main celebrant of the Mass was the monastery chaplain, Fr. Roger Knapp and remembrances were offered by members of her community and family.  Sr. Maria will be greatly missed, but her influence and inspiration will always be alive in those whom she had touched during her time here with us! .     

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