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July 09, 2019

In Honor of St. Benedict
      Each our community looks forward to celebrating the feast of our Holy Father with our associate members, or “oblates of St. Benedict”.  Trouble is, the July 11 often lands during the week.  So, to make things more convenient, we gather on a nearby weekend and this Saturday, July 6 was the chosen day.

     Our celebration of the feast began with an 11 o’clock Mass presided over by Sub-prior Fr. Gregory-David Jones.  In his homily, Father emphasized the importance of the commitment oblates make to put the teachings of St. Benedict into practice in their daily lives, so as to dedicate themselves to Christ according to their own state of life.  His words were quite fitting, since our oblates also renewed these very promises during the Mass.  Those gathered also prayerfully remembered the oblates who could not attend, especially those who experiencing sickness or loss at this time.

     After the liturgy, a cookout was held at our Subiaco Retreat House, so that the breaking of the Eucharistic bread might be followed by breaking the bread of fellowship.  Thus ended a very meaningful day of friendship in the Lord.

     If you would like to find out more about becoming an oblate of St. Benedict, please click here.   

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