Monastery News Page
February 05, 2019

The New Bell System
      In December last year, our community made a major change in continuing a long-standing tradition in religious communities.  For eighteen years now, since the completion of our present chapel, a bell located high in the tower called the monks to prayer.  This location required an electric motor to operate the bell along with a speaker system to project the sound.  On many occasions the motor, the associated mechanisms or the bell itself malfunctioned and needed repair. Thanks to courageous and creative friends and confreres, we were able to continue operating this system, although being in the high tower, repairs were not an easy or inviting task. 

   In November of last year, our community decided to make a change and research the possibility of installing a digital carillon. Our monastery in Clifton, New Jersey had been using one for many years and the monks there were pleased with it.  It was during the following month that the new bell system was installed.  This new system is produced by Verdin Corporation, a company with a long and respected history.  It uses electronically recorded bell tones and activates either manually or on its built-in timer.  Although the new system was a significant cost outlay, the community members affirm that they are very happy with the quality of the sound produced and the wide variety of religious songs, bell peals and other features.  Being able to continue this venerable monastic tradition has been source of inspiration and joy for the monks as well as our many visitors.

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