Monastery News Page
January 2, 2018

Christmas at St. Benedict's 

      The Christmas Liturgies here at St. Benedict Monastery are always a beautiful and prayerful experience and this year was no exception.  Although a snowstorm made the roads more difficult to navigate, the sudden whitening of the environment enhanced the ambience of the holiday season.  The holiday decor and a selection of carols greeted the many guests who were able to traverse the snowy roads to arrive at the monastery on Christmas Eve.  The “Proclamation of the Birth of Christ”, a traditional announcement of Jesus’ birth was chanted by Fr. John Martin Shimkus and set the tone for the Liturgy.  The Christmas Vigil Mass was presided over by our Prior, Fr. Damien Gjonaj.  As we have done for many years, the Mass was followed by a holiday reception at Subiaco Retreat House.  On Christmas morning the Mass was presided over by our Sub-prior, Fr. Gregory-David Jones.  Soon afterward, many of the monks headed out to visit family and friends to share the joys of our Savior’s birth.  We wish all our website visitors a happy season as we recall the mystery of the Incarnation and its meaning in the lives of all people.

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