Monastery News Page
June 04, 2019

New Leadership for Our Community
      Late last week our Sylvestrine-Benedictine Congregation concluded the General Chapter at St. Sylvester Monastery in Fabriano, Italy.  This being elective year, the Chapter saw the election of Fr. Antony Puthenpurackal, our first native monk from India (and the third non-Italian) as the new Abbot General.  Abbot Antony (from St. Josephs Monastery in Makkiyad, India) made his profession of monastic vows in 1970 and was ordained a priest in 1979.  He has spent many years in Rome as a member of our curia, undertaking studies (earning a doctorate in Theology) and serving as Prior Administrator of the Conventual Priory of St. Vincent Monastery.  The previous Abbot, Right Reverend Michael Kelly served two consecutive terms.  Please pray for Abbot Antony, that he Lord will bless his vital role in our life as Benedictines carrying on the legacy of our holy Fathers, Sts. Benedict and Sylvester.   

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