Monastery News Page
October 27, 2021

Our New Addition

     On Wednesday, October 13th our community welcomed a new “friend”.  Adopted from a local shelter, our new animal companion is adjusting to his new home very well!  Animals have always been part of our history here in Oxford.  As four legged friends of the community, dogs have also served as members of our welcoming committee for the youth who come to Subiaco Retreat House.  Our previous dog, “Roxie” unfortunately succumbed to a tumor this past June.  Three months later, our Prior, Fr. Damien Gjonaj told the community that he felt it was the right time for the monastery to adopt a new pet.  He asked Frs. Michael Green and Gregory-David Jones to search the shelters for adoptable canines.  Surprisingly, it took just a week for them to find this stray whose temperament and personality seem to be a perfect fit.  After some initial training and observation, “Dudley” is becoming acquainted with his surroundings and is becoming a joyful addition to our community.

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