Monastery News Page
March 05, 2019

Getting Ready for a "Joyful" Season
      This past Sunday, about fifteen oblates and monks gathered at our Subiaco Retreat House to begin their spiritual preparation for Lent.  “In This Holy Season” was the name of the talk offered by oblate director Fr. John Martin Shimkus, O.S.B. as a reflection St. Benedict’s instructions for a holy Lent.  St. Benedict dedicated a complete chapter to encouraging and directing his communities in the ways of prayer and self-denial, so as to “wash away the negligences of other times”.

     Fr. John drew from the work of one of our Sylvestrine-Benedictine confreres, Dom Lorenzo Sena, O.S.B., an Italian monk and monastic scholar.  One of the important ideas expressed in his presentation was that Lent can become a “joyful season” when Christians truly allow themselves be guided and supported by the Holy Spirit in the choice of penances they make.

     This pre-Lenten program included meaningful discussion among those gathered, as well as the communal praying of Vespers and the sharing of a warm and delicious meal prepared by Br. Marty Singer.  It turned out to be an inspiring and uplifting way for our Benedictine family to get into the Lenten spirit and, in the words of St. Benedict, to begin “looking forward to holy Easter with joy and spiritual longing.”

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