Monastery News Page
February 11, 2020

Exploring Hospitality

     Last Wednesday, the staff of St. Mary of the Hills parish came to Subiaco Retreat House for a day of reflection on “Benedictine Hospitality”.  The purpose of the retreat was to enkindle a sense of what it means to welcome the stranger as Christ and care for others as an expression of our love for Him.  Three presentations on the topic were led by Frs. John Martin Shimkus and Gregory-David Jones.  They featured reflections on Scripture, Benedictine spirituality and real-life examples.  To cap off the event, Br. Mark Orcutt guided the group in Lectio Divina, a traditional monastic form of prayer with Scripture.  The retreatants enjoyed their time away from regular duties and the opportunity for reflection, discussion and fellowship, not to mention a delicious lunch prepared by Br. Paul Culver.

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