Monastery News Page
December 03, 2018

Enriching Young Catholics
      Last Thursday night, Fr. Gregory-David Jones, the Sub-prior of our community spoke to a special group of young Catholics.  The group, called Corpus Christi, is a student-run organization whose purpose is to encourage and strengthen the faith of Catholic students at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant.  Father was invited to speak on the topic “Corpus Christi” (the Body of Christ) and his emphasis was on the organic nature of the Church.  Referring to “spiritual DNA”, Fr. Gregory-David highlighted the reality that the Church is not simply an incidental aspect of Christianity, but an integral part of the Lord’s plan for our salvation and redemption.  Father’s presentation was well received and he was encouraged to see the students take time out from their busy schedules (it is close to final exam time) to learn and grow in their faith.

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