Monastery News Page
March 12, 2024

Fr. Michael Green, One of a Kind!
     On Wednesday afternoon, February 28th, Fr. Michael Green was laid to rest at St. Benedict Monastery.  The funeral Mass, held that morning at St. Joseph Church in Lake Orion, was well-attended by his brother-monks, family members and friends.  The revered, gentle priest and monk will be greatly missed by all who were touched by his joyful demeanor, sense of humor, simplicity and pastoral concern.

    Fr. Mike’s life of 80 years can be summarized by the joy seen in his eyes and his infectious smile.  Born in Detroit in 1943, Robert (his given name) was raised in a Catholic home and attended St. Scholastica Grade School and Benedictine High School, both institutions run by our Benedictine community.  Like many entering religious life during the 60’s, Robert began his formation at St. Benedict Monastery immediately after graduating high school.  In 1962, he made his first profession of monastic vows under the religious name Brother Michael and began 8 years of theological studies for priesthood at Ss. Cyril & Methodius Seminary in Orchard Lake and the University of Toronto in Canada.  During the time of his formal education, he professed solemn vows in 1965.  Five years later, Fr. Michael was ordained a priest. 

     Beside his ministries as a priest Fr. Mike served our monastic community in many ways, primarily by operating The Monk Press for over 60 years as well as Conventual Prior for six years (2010 – 2016).  For many years before our community began retreat ministry at the monastery, our printing “business” was the primary source of income for our community in Oxford.  Fr. Mike’s strong conviction about the dignity of human life was expressed in his involvement with Right-to-Life Lifespan.  Fr. Mike was known for his hard working ethic in bailing hay, mowing the grass, trimming trees or repairing equipment.  On top of all this he also served as chaplain for the Knights of Columbus in Lake Orion for over 50 years.  All of these things he did with a cheerful disposition and an eagerness to learn new things.  These characteristics were also present in the way he interacted with his fellow monks, family members, friends and guests of the monastery.

    As Fr. Mike was advancing in age, he began to suffer from the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.  Though this troubled him greatly, he was grateful for the support that he had from the community, friends and his sister Mary Catherine.  Father spent the last 9 months of his life as a resident of Clauson Manor, a memory care facility in Waterford.  One of the lasting memories of his time there was his 80th birthday party celebrated with the staff, the monks and his sister. 

     On Tuesday, February 21st, his brother monks surrounded him as he received the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, they prayed the rosary and sang the Salve Regina.  The following morning as he was making his journey to the next life, his sister, Cathy was by his side and he had a rosary and a small statuette of St. Joseph in his hand.  St. Benedict and St. Joseph are the Patrons of a Happy Death and it seems that they were interceding for Fr. Mike as his time on earth was drawing to a close. 
 May he rest in peace!